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Friday, December 2, 2016


I admit it, perusing the pages of Ulta's sale ad makes me want, nay, NEED that new eye palette.  I mean, I'm a platinum rewards member who hasn't made a cosmetic purchase beyond lip balm in months.  And, now that dreamy piece is a dreamy price, so I really shouldn't let this opportunity pass me by, right?  Except...  I really intended to honor the people I love by giving them something meaningful...


I'm far, far from perfect where money management is concerned, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve for getting over it or those--whatever purchases you're eyeing for yourself.  And it gets better as you go, so keep reading until the end!

  1. Figure out your [dreaded word] budget.  Why? Because you need to know whether there is wiggle room to shop for yourself.  If you've got some spare change (not credit, ahem), then don't lose one wink of sleep feeling guilty about purchasing a needed or long-awaited item.  Praise the Lord for your blessings and enjoy.  If, however, your gift budget needs to be allocated toward others, it's time to get real.  Read on.
  2. Practice gratitude.  Seriously, on paper.  "Today I'm grateful for...."  If you're in a season of discontent in your life, you need this more than anything you could buy with money!  When I'm being a Grumpy Pants, all I need to do is ask myself two questions: Have I eaten lately?  Yes? "Hanger" is real. Did I write down my blessings?  No?  And there you go...  When you focus on what you have, you'll notice less of what you lack.  Gratitude is a discipline, and you're worth it!
  3. This is my favorite bit right here--get creative with what you have!  No lie, most of my wardrobe is hand-me-downs, so when I get the itch to shop, it's time to remix.  Get out your Winter clothes and pair your pink sweater with the olive green leggings this year.  Does it work?  Maybe if you add that scarf?  You get the idea.  Also, instead of obsessing over the cosmetic catalog, it's time to search images that can help inspire me to create a new makeup look with the products already in my drawer.  Dying for an iPhone 7, but it's just not in the near future?  It's time to search for some handy apps that maybe you hadn't considered.
  4. Shop online.  Adding an item to a store purchase or cart is just too easy if you struggle with impulse.  If you follow through with buying that item for yourself you subconsciously know it will be all yours in two seconds.  By ordering, the gratification is going to be delayed.  If you can wait two days for an item, it makes it easier to wait two weeks or two months instead!
  5. Remember that many of the BESTIEST BEST deals will appear after Christmas, and you can give yourself a gift any old time your budget allows.  So, put it off a bit.  If you think an item would be super useful to you, but you might forget in the meantime, make a list!  I'm definitely doing this.
  6. Plan your own reward for exercising discipline.  Make a plan for obtaining the item you want... Think, "I know I can get this after my mid January paycheck. I'll write it under January expenses." Or, "I'll save twenty dollars a week for the next four weeks, and then I can get that ______________."  Maybe this is a good time to rethink how you can add earnings to your bank account or cut funds from other areas.  What will this do for you?  It will positively reinforce healthy spending habits (we grow up, but we still love a reward!).  And, it will prevent poverty mindset of focusing on what we can never affort...  That stuff becomes automatic programming, I've learned from experience.  Instead, as the saying goes, "Treat yo-self!!!"
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Monday, November 7, 2016


Hannah Bowers

I remember coming out of a nasty breakup in high school and not knowing where to turn. My relationship had successfully left me in a place of isolation and continued to hang over my head as a painful memory of the costs of letting someone close. I was 17, had graduated early, and was working 40+ hours a week between my two, part-time positions. Needless to say, I was hard pressed to find anyone in my life with godly insight to speak into my situation and, for almost eight months, I found myself trying to keep my head above the “waters” that flooded me.

A few months before Christmas, I was wrapping up the book Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald and found myself in a difficult place. MacDonald beautifully lays out for the reader why our pursuit of an ordered life is necessary to Spiritual growth and my thoughts continued to rest on the fact that my life was not orderly. The things I was wrestling with stemmed beyond my relationship mishaps, but were amplified by the struggles that lay within. Years upon years of self-image and self-worth struggles. Almost a decade of failed friendships. Bullying and peer pressure mixed with homes struggles. Grieving over the death of my Grandmother. It all came to a head that fateful summer and Gordon MacDonald, without even knowing it, stirred the pot with his powerful book.

Somehow, I ventured down the aisle of church one Sunday and asked my pastor’s wife to meet with me on a regular basis. I can’t remember that moment with great clarity, but I know that the hardest part of entering into a season of discipleship and mentoring was in simply asking for that privilege. Satan likes to use our vulnerabilities to his advantage and amplify our fears to keep us from walking where God has called us. The first step, the one where we step beyond our control, is always the most difficult, but most crucial in being faithful to the call. We aren’t asked to make great leaps and bounds, but simply a step at a time.

As the weeks went by, the Holy Spirit moved within me as I sat across from that 70-year-old woman in her front living room every Thursday. She didn’t see a vulnerable, broken teenager as I did when I looked in the mirror. She saw an open door for God to be glorified and an opportunity to build beauty into a life that desperately needed a glimmer of something beautiful.

If a mentor is someone who gives help and advice  then you don’t need a master's degree or ten years in the industry. You don’t have be the image of ideal living, in fact it’s our bumps and mistakes that qualify us for the job of mentor, teacher, confidant, and friend.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is the Father who is full of mercy and all comfort. He comforts us every time we have trouble, so when others have trouble, we can comfort them with the same comfort God gives us.
(2 Corinthians 1:3-4 NCV)

What we see as the messy bits in our lives are the opportunities we have to glorify God. Our beauty doesn’t merely lie in the successes and moments of victory. No. It shines even brighter in our times of difficulty. Who we are now is a powerful testimony to what God can do with brokenness and one of the best ways to embrace that newfound beauty is to let God use us to mentor and shape the younger generation.

My season of mentoring lasted just over a year, but continues to be fruitful in my life every day. As I journeyed through that time of weekly growth underneath a godly woman, I found myself frequently going back to this verse:

You poor city. Storms have hurt you, and you have not been comforted. But I will rebuild you with turquoise stones, and I will build your foundations with sapphires. I will use rubies to build your walls and shining jewels for the gates and precious jewels for all your outer walls. (Isaiah 54:11)

Wherever you are, wherever you’ve been, I want to remind you that the your inner beauty is not there to be hidden aware. God desires for you to use the beautiful transformation in your own life to cultivate beauty in someone else’s through mentorship. Mentoring is part of the Great Commission when we are told to go and make disciples of all nations. Discipleship in and of itself is a powerful position of mentorship to someone else.

Be a mentor. Change a life. Embrace your inner beauty.

21-year-old Hannah Beck is a Speaker, Musician, Author and Founder of the Young Wives Club, an online community for wives and fiances to network and support one another. A native of Northwest Ohio, Hannah now lives with her husband, Zach, in Colorado Springs, CO. She is passionate about helping women grow in their faith, cooking, naturopathic medicine, and midwifery. Check out her new book, Daddy Daughter: 10 Dates Designed to Teach Biblical Womanhood, on!

Thanks, Hannah! <3

Monday, August 1, 2016

VIDEO- MAKE MY MONDAY: Stuff Worth Trying

What do you think of these products?
The nail wrap shown is Simply Sweet (part of Buy 3, Get 1 Free while in stock).

Praying favor and blessings over your upcoming week!

Friday, July 22, 2016


If you know me well, remember this was title T-M-I!  *laughing* Watch at your own risk of emotional trauma.

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Friday, July 1, 2016


Thanks to my friend Tiffany for requesting this tutorial!  I have to apologize that mom life required me to work on this project at night, so the lighting isn't my favorite.  Hopefully you'll still find useful info!

Products Used:
Nail Wraps: Icy Teal Polka and one similar to Boutique
Eye Primer
NYX Ultimate shadow palette (couldn't find product links; purchased at Ulta, Spring 2016)
Maybelline Palette
Lavender Essential Oil to mix with distilled water
Pur palette
Eye Pencil
Too Faced Mascara for bottom lashes
Lash Extension Mascara
Anastasia Brow Pencil
Bronzer and Blush
Lip Liner
NYX Butter Lipstick in Summer Fruits (purchased at CVS)
Palladio Lip Gloss
Rimmel Lacquer

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


If you didn't catch the video on Monday, my fault!  Some life circumstances were happening yesterday, and I didn't get to post.  Hoping that a day later, it's still helpful. : )

Ulta Mattifying Primer
Hard Candy Primer
Nail Wraps worn
NYX Foundation
L'oreal Highlighter
Maybellline Foundation

Hit up Dollar Tree for the organization goodies and your gas station for ear buds! lol

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