Thursday, November 19, 2015

Three Color Products = Three Different Look Combos

First a quick confession... having just moved, I haven't yet found the right naturally lighted spot where I can take pics.  And, you'll see a whole mess of backgrounds (including some boxes, my daughter's room, etc.). Hehe, while it looks rough, I'm having fun with it. You can vote for your favorite pic spot 1-6 in the comments or on social media if you'd like to have input.  Also, so that the colors are as true as possible, no filters were applied.  Prepare yourself for a shameless amount of unretouched selfies.  Sheesh.

Here's a post for you minimalist, jet-setting, or makeup newbie gals.  The products are AMAZE-BALLS for starting your makeup bag, or maybe revamping it.  First, I used my regular foundation, concealer, and bronzing products.  Then, I gathered one great eyeliner, one Goddess shimmering blush, and one lovely Cherry Bomb Lipstick.  That's. it.  What makes me pick these particular products?  Versatile color, beautiful pigments, and longevity in wear.

Day 1:
Goddess Blush on the eyelids and lips.  Lightly dampened a brush and applied it on the lips. Works well for a coordinated look!
Cherry Bomb Lipstick on cheeks.
Black liner applied on top and bottom and smudged on bottom lash line.  So important if you like liner on bottom.

Day 2:
Black liner applied thickly with a small wing.  No other color on lids.
Goddess Blush on cheeks.
Cherry Bomb Lipstick on lips.

Day 3:
Black Liner on the outer third of both top and bottom lash lines.
Goddess Blush and Cherry Bomb on EVERYTHING!
On eyes, applied lipstick on the outer third first, then blush on the rest of eyelid and brow bone.
On lips, I first applied the lipstick and then topped it with the blush.

There you have it!  You could easily create two additional looks by using a single color on the eyes, cheeks and lips.  Isn't that amazing?!  It's like the capsule wardrobe for your makeup bag.  Time to get creative.  If you know me at all, you know I love variety in my makeup bag, but using this method to pack lightly for travel is priceless!

Love being able to hook you up with a deal!  If you order the blush, lipstick, or any other item from 401 West, you get a 5% discount if you use promo code "Jenny."  If you're ordering from the US, the exchange rate with Canada works in your favor; prices will convert. Woohoo!

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