Thursday, January 14, 2016


  • This is the day to use your primer.  Daily use of most primers will clog your pores, and not in a good way (ok, there's no good way to clog pores). But, picture day is the one day you definitely should use a primer, and in that short amount of time, your skin should be just fine.
  • Use a full coverage, matte foundation.  Luminous skin is enviable most of the time, but in photos, it comes across as oily. Also, have your makeup matched to your skin tone at a cosmetic counter/store or at least checked by an honest friend. A great foundation brush can make a good foundation amazing.  Set foundation with a translucent, mattifying powder.
  • Careful with the face shimmer.  Aside from a subtle, small amount on the top of the cheek, face shimmer should be avoided.  Also, experiment ahead of time if you're wanting to wear shimmer on the eyelids.  Matte shadows are much safer.
Improve your Selfies

  • Apply color makeup with a heavy hand, even when you want a natural look.  I'm not kidding; you need a lot more makeup than usual to appear in photos the way you do in person.  So, if you're going for a very glamorous look, pile it on.  If you look in the mirror and feel a little like a drag queen, you're doing it right!
  • Go easy on the bottom liner.  Eyes look gorgeous if you keep the liner and mascara to the top lashes.  If you prefer makeup under the eye, smuuuuuudge that liner! I can't emphasize this enough.  Maybe soften the liner with a little matte shadow, too.
by Kim Brantley Photography

Working with Kim Brantley Photography for others' and my own shoots has helped me form a beauty product routine.  The better your face looks, the more your photographer will love you for the reduced time in photo editing.
  • Buy some lashes.  Again, whether or not you usually apply falsies, this is the best occasion for them.  Unless you're in a fashion shoot, avoid "double-ups" or the most dramatic styles.  Of the lashes available at the store, go for one of medium length and thickness.  If you want to keep your fabulous lashes for the long haul, go to a pro for extensions. You'll love how cute you are straight out of the bed!  Mascaras with fibers are also fantastic, but beware of the fallout onto your face during pics.  It happens.


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