Friday, March 25, 2016


This post is dedicated to Alisa, Alice, Julie, and my other Arrow-loving ladies.  They may not love beauty advice as much as I do, but we certainly have this show in common.  If you don't watch The Arrow, um, what's wrong with you???  Maybe you have a life.  But seriously, catch up with Netflix and The CW app.  The main character, Oliver, is a bit of a jerk in the beginning, but hang with it a few episodes, and it will start making sense.

The Arrow

One feature to love about the show: a few strong female characters.  And, my favorite is Felicity Smoak, technology whiz extroadinaire (or, hacker--the good kind).  The intelligence that Felicity provides is often the reason superhero Arrow is able to save the day.  After a while of working with him, she also becomes his love interest.  The part is played by Emily Bett, a gorgeous woman who takes her fitness seriously... I mean no one looks like that without effort.  I should take notes!

The Arrow

Also, she has/had a real life, off-camera romance with Colton Haynes, who plays Roy on The Arrow.  I warn you because once you become hooked on the show and see their IG pics, it's thoroughly confusing, since we're used to seeing her with The Arrow/Oliver Queen/Stephen Amell.  And, by now, you're probably realizing this ain't a bad lookin' cast!  Update: We don't know of any off-screen cast romances now.

The Arrow

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Photos from CW Network.  Those guys rock some great shows.

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  1. Love the tutorial. Just a note though on the Colton Haynes thing, it's more of a bromine than a romance. Colton has been 'out of the closet' amongst his friends and family.for a few years, recently he's come out on a more public level.


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