Friday, December 2, 2016


I admit it, perusing the pages of Ulta's sale ad makes me want, nay, NEED that new eye palette.  I mean, I'm a platinum rewards member who hasn't made a cosmetic purchase beyond lip balm in months.  And, now that dreamy piece is a dreamy price, so I really shouldn't let this opportunity pass me by, right?  Except...  I really intended to honor the people I love by giving them something meaningful...


I'm far, far from perfect where money management is concerned, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve for getting over it or those--whatever purchases you're eyeing for yourself.  And it gets better as you go, so keep reading until the end!

  1. Figure out your [dreaded word] budget.  Why? Because you need to know whether there is wiggle room to shop for yourself.  If you've got some spare change (not credit, ahem), then don't lose one wink of sleep feeling guilty about purchasing a needed or long-awaited item.  Praise the Lord for your blessings and enjoy.  If, however, your gift budget needs to be allocated toward others, it's time to get real.  Read on.
  2. Practice gratitude.  Seriously, on paper.  "Today I'm grateful for...."  If you're in a season of discontent in your life, you need this more than anything you could buy with money!  When I'm being a Grumpy Pants, all I need to do is ask myself two questions: Have I eaten lately?  Yes? "Hanger" is real. Did I write down my blessings?  No?  And there you go...  When you focus on what you have, you'll notice less of what you lack.  Gratitude is a discipline, and you're worth it!
  3. This is my favorite bit right here--get creative with what you have!  No lie, most of my wardrobe is hand-me-downs, so when I get the itch to shop, it's time to remix.  Get out your Winter clothes and pair your pink sweater with the olive green leggings this year.  Does it work?  Maybe if you add that scarf?  You get the idea.  Also, instead of obsessing over the cosmetic catalog, it's time to search images that can help inspire me to create a new makeup look with the products already in my drawer.  Dying for an iPhone 7, but it's just not in the near future?  It's time to search for some handy apps that maybe you hadn't considered.
  4. Shop online.  Adding an item to a store purchase or cart is just too easy if you struggle with impulse.  If you follow through with buying that item for yourself you subconsciously know it will be all yours in two seconds.  By ordering, the gratification is going to be delayed.  If you can wait two days for an item, it makes it easier to wait two weeks or two months instead!
  5. Remember that many of the BESTIEST BEST deals will appear after Christmas, and you can give yourself a gift any old time your budget allows.  So, put it off a bit.  If you think an item would be super useful to you, but you might forget in the meantime, make a list!  I'm definitely doing this.
  6. Plan your own reward for exercising discipline.  Make a plan for obtaining the item you want... Think, "I know I can get this after my mid January paycheck. I'll write it under January expenses." Or, "I'll save twenty dollars a week for the next four weeks, and then I can get that ______________."  Maybe this is a good time to rethink how you can add earnings to your bank account or cut funds from other areas.  What will this do for you?  It will positively reinforce healthy spending habits (we grow up, but we still love a reward!).  And, it will prevent poverty mindset of focusing on what we can never affort...  That stuff becomes automatic programming, I've learned from experience.  Instead, as the saying goes, "Treat yo-self!!!"
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