Nails, Nails, Nails!

If you've stopped here for a sec, I bet you enjoy a good mani, no?  Me too!  But, keeping up with my nails was a pain in my rear.  With no disrespect to those who do these things (I did, too), I mean...

Salon Manis
  • Take a large chunk of time (up to 2-ish hours!).
  • Freak me out with the increased possibility of contracting fungus, bacteria, or virus.
  • Are a budget splurge (cost comparison below).
Home Manis
  • Are prone to streak and take too long to dry.
  • Usually consist of a only a single color polish (mine anyway--ZzZz).
  • Wears off in a few days.
BUT... I tried something else that solved these problems, and now I'm hooked!

Jamberry Nail Wraps:
  • Are budget friendly and schedule friendly.
  • Don't risk germ-sharing with others.
  • Have designs galore! 
  • Are "5 Free" of the most dangerous toxins in traditional nail polish.
  • Typically last two weeks!
Jamberry mixed mani
A few days ago... my first mixed mani

Jamberry Icy Taupe Polka

I know it's #basic, but I loved the versatility of icy taupe polka.

Jamberry Mermaid Tales

My pet [plastic] crab and I were goofing around with the mermaid tales design.

Now, back to the epense of nails.  If you're spending $$$ in the spa...

Cost of spa vs. Jamberry

Curious yet????
  • I made a couple of videos for you, so you can see exactly how simple Jams are to apply and remove.
  • If you prefer tradional polish or UV gels, Jamberry has high quality products of those too!
  • Check out the full Jamberry product line.
  • Have questions? Send me a line at jonesy[at]jonesythompson[dot]com.
Show off those manis and pedis on social media with #jamwithjonesy !

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