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Thanks so so much for checking out the blog! Helping other women is what totally keeps me fueled, and  I have a couple of major missions:
  1. To help women value and invest in their own mind, body, spirit, and success.  You're worth it!
  2. To inspire women to take control over their appearance to project on the outside the incredible woman within.
The entertainment and beauty industries flaunt completely unrealistic standards of physical appearance.  Despite this, I still truly believe it is up to individuals (you!) to define what beauty means in our culture.  I enjoy using celebrity looks as inspiration, but I don't. do. perfect.  It's an illusion. Reject the notion that your value or mine is dependent on looking like a Victoria's Secret model.  Instead, I'm an avid fan of enhancing what our mamas gave us. #WEdefinebeauty

I'm passionate about makeup and style because it can improve your quality of life, believe it or not.  Hear me out. For those who don't feel comfortable in makeup application or the way they dress, a few turtorials plus practice can build those skills.  Studies have shown that those who wear moderate makeup are percieved as more competant (more info in this post and video).  Often, new skills like these also help women feel more confident (often witnessed by that little smile when clients are pleasantly surprised when they look in the mirror). #outerglamour

But, let's be honest: no amount of makeup or handbags can fix our insides.  Maybe you need to forgive someone, or go back to school, or spend more time with your significant other, or admit you're wrong, or do the yoga class today, or begin plotting your journey toward the career you love, or take leadership in your current one.  I probably need to do all of those.  That's why I won't shut up about it; life is the REAL beauty school, and you're worth the investment. #innerglamour

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